Our clay flowers are made of ClayCraft™ by DECO®. This special clay is a polymer air-dried clay that is easy to mix and blend into all the colors of the rainbow. This unique clay dries overnight; therefore it is not baked or fired by heat making the process environmentally friendly & non toxic. Unlike porcelain or ceramic, these delicate looking flowers are light weight, very durable and flexible, and can be easily handled.

Our clay flower products look extremely real and unlike silk, porcelain or heavy plastic flowers, ours are light-weight, durable and will last forever leaving you with a wonderful memento. Perfect for floral arrangements, wedding bouquets, favors and gifts for you, your family and friends, our clay flowers make wonderful lasting gifts and guarantee the flowers will have a special place in the home. Clay flowers are perfect for destination events and photography shoots. Their light weight and durability makes packing and traveling a breeze, and unlike natural flowers they will not loose their vibrant colors, won’t wilt, don’t need watering, won’t stain dresses, and will look great all day, all week, all month, well … basically forever! If you have an allergy to natural flowers or flower pollen, clay flowers offer the perfect solution!

The base colors are mixed together to form any color and shade desired. The individual petals are first shaped and textured by hand using various tools, and then assembled to create a single blossom. Most stamens are also hand-made and then placed inside the blossom. Since our flowers are all hand-made, we don’t use any “cookie cutters”, each petal, each blossom, and thus each bouquet or arrangement is unique.