About us

I am Amisha, an engineer by profession, an artist by heart. Classic Nine Year itch with the engineering profession triggered to break the barricade and pursue my passion towards art n craft fulltime.

Moving to Singapore flared my passion and hooked me into Air – Dried Clay modelling. We use Claycraft by DECO. This is a non-toxic clay that was formulated in Japan more than 25 years ago by Sensei Kazuko Miyai, founder, and we are proud to be certified by her DECO Clay Craft Academy. This lightweight, air-dried medium is used to create each piece one petal at a time. It can be re-created in nearly any color. Once air-dried, it gains strength and durability and will last for years to come. It is this process that makes each of our pieces so very lifelike.

“Aboli Callidus” believes in pouring love in all its creations as they are exclusive handcrafted artefacts. You can choose perfect handcrafted pieces for all special occasions like wedding, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Birthdays & the list goes on…

We at “Aboli Callidus” believe in making a Customer Happy

With this belief, we create things to suit your need and budget. We unify your emotions with our design sensibilities and handcrafting skills to produce pieces that are truly one of a kind.

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